My set-top box is oppressed by Hells Angels

I don't know whether this is normal, as I don't have much to compare it with really: I've lived in the same place since set-top boxes were invented. But my set-top box comes over all temperamental every time a motorbike buzzes past. There's something about the frequency of their engine vibrations that makes the screen wiggle and the sound disappear.

This probably wouldn't be a problem for most people with my model of set-top box. Unfortunately, I live right next to some traffic lights and the TV is in the front room, meaning that on occasion motorbikes are sat there for several minutes at a time, buzzing away and waiting for the lights to change.

And even then that wouldn't necessarily be a problem... But on the other side of the traffic lights is the Hackney Road, where the club house of the Hell's Angels of Great Britain is located. Well, it's on Dawson Street, which is a side road. But you know what I mean.

Yes, I know. Ha ha.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not whingeing. Well, I am. Because I know there's very little I can do in this situation except whinge.

*self pitying tone of voice* It just seems to be getting worse recently and I'm hearing reports that the Great Analogue Switch Off is making set-top boxes in lots of different places more temperamental than they were before. Which has emboldened me to whinge, somewhat uncharacteristically, about the shortcomings of my home entertainment equipment.

I suppose I'm hoping that a TV engineer - amateur or professional - will read this post and get in touch to tell me how to resolve my technology v Hell's Angels issue. Or that someone might at least get in touch to tell me that what I'm experiencing is, in some way, normal.

Just don't suggest an engineer who's going to buzz round on his bike or turn up in cut-off denim as I may take this as provocation.

If you are a TV engineer with a bike and cut-off denim, I'm joking.

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