Monkey magic

So police in Ohio have called off the big game hunt for any remaining zoology on the lam after being released from the private Muskingum County game reserve.

Terry Thompson, who ran the place, let his collection - which included eighteen Bengal tigers, six black bears and three grizzlies - out of their cages before shooting himself dead for reasons best known to himself.

But I think it would be safe to say that he probably wasn't a man who set great store by neighbourliness.

His act of kindness towards his menagerie led to each and everyone of those unfortunate creatures being itself shot dead by an overwhelmed local police force.

Except one.

Word has it that there is a snow monkey unaccounted for, although the police are putting it about that the creature was "probably eaten by one of the big cats".

And I say why not leave it at that?

At least until next spring...

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